Thanks, Love, and What’s Up Next!

We would like to officially thank those of you able to join us at the CSCC Writers Conference and Book Fair. Last year’s Book Fair was our first ever, and we had a single book to sell–also our first, Paula’s The Sudden Seduction of Gravity.┬áThis year, we had two terrific books with the addition of George Looney’s Structures the Wind Sings Through, plus our new broadside to benefit The Malala Fund. It seemed, overall, a pretty remarkable landmark celebration…though we do wish we’d gotten some better photos of the table! We offer you this, snapped at the end of a busy but wonderful day, just before we started the somewhat bittersweet process of packing things back up for another day. (Special thanks go out, by the way, to the two awesome helpers not pictured here, Sayuri Ayers and Zach Hannah, who helped make it possible for us to keep the table manned while we also presented our two conference sessions!)

We will continue to keep you posted on news and events related to all of our work but will be focusing the blog space here, for a while, on introducing you to the poets involved in the reading we’ve organized to benefit Perkins Observatory. They are a terrific bunch of Central Ohio-based poets, and the observatory is a terrific cause for us to support. We are, after all, Full/Crescent Press, and we do so love the moon and stars!

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