The Proliferation of Blogs and Blogging. Or, Weaving the Lovely Fabric of Social Media

I’ve had in mind for a while now the goal of keeping this blog more consistently active, having a vague commitment to myself to write “twice a week or so.” Vague commitments are slippery things. The word that was important to me was “consistent,” and if I fail in the “twice a week or so” I can at least keep going at it to keep my voice out here.

I’ve been exploring–experimenting might be a better word–with various forms of social media for a while now, trying to understand how things work AND how different kinds of media work together. There is more exploring to be done, and if my pace seems slow, it’s only because I’m going at it with the concept of “play” in mind rather than “work.” I follow what I can as my health and personal schedule allow, and my early attempts were more frustrated little bursts than what I’ve come to think of now as extended flirtations.

Things are coming together now in ways that make it more fun, and I’m still trying to trust the process as one that will continue to fall into place. The good folks at Every Day Poems started picking up my poems a while ago, thanks at first to Tania Runyan. Then L.L. Barkat separately discovered some work that she liked, not knowing that Tania had already reserved a few poems from my book. (Barkat picked up “Embouchure” from my “Other Publications” link here. Eventually Tweetspeak asked me do a Journey into Poetry column, and then invited me to be part of their April Poetry Classroom!

I almost said no to the Classroom. Very. Nearly. I started work on a new book and had formed a personal challenge plan to have it completely drafted by the end of April, National Poetry Month. I was afraid it would take my focus away from producing new work, but the new work is actually progressing nicely, thank you very much, and the Classroom is helping me see things happening in the other work that I wasn’t consciously aware of.

I have also been connecting to goodreads, slowly but surely, feeling myself almost “on the down low” slinking around to see how it all works. Brilliantly, it turns out. I’m starting to connect the way the friendships and commenting works, to see how exciting it is to be connected with people who love books, love similar work, feel a real excitement for and in the written word.

I’ve started a blog there, and today was able to connect comments on the Tweetspeak Poetry Classroom to a workshop I recently attended at the Columbus State Community College Creative Writing Workshop.

It’s lovely when “technology,” something that has always seemed clunky and scary and, well…inorganic…to me, suddenly melts away into what feels like conversation with friends around a table full of tea and cookies and heaped-up piles of really good books. Marvelous!

There’s a Part 2 to this, but it will wait, for now…all things come together eventually.

Don’t they? ;)

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