The Poets at Perkins Observatory: Mark Belletini!

Mark Belletini comes from a family of immigrant coal miners from Emilia in Italy, who raised him in Detroit. He spent his first 25 years there, his second 25 years in the Bay Area of California, where he studied for the Unitarian Universalist ministry and served two congregations there. He is now 16 years into his Columbus, Ohio, time, serving the large congregation here in Clintonville. He loves to cook the cuisine of his heritage. He has also been a voice through the years of the GLBTQ communities. He draws and sketches, writes poetry, mostly for his services, but also for himself. His book of sequences (words that lead into a time of silence every Sunday) was published by Skinner House under the title of Sonata for Voice and Silence. His adopted son Tony and his remarkable friends both in California, Michigan, Ohio, Massachusetts, Florida, New York, and other places (Chile, Mexico, Romania) spark the beat of his heart. He has always been fascinated by the vistas and mysteries offered by astronomical studies and observation, and works this fascination into many of his poems.

Read a sample of Mark’s work here. Note that a book table will be available at the reading, with books available for purchase and signing.

Limited seating available! Buy your tickets HERE to the event–all proceeds benefit Perkins Observatory: The Place for Space!

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